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James M. Singleton Charter School

is the first Type 5 Charter School in NewOrleans. The Charter School plays a

fundamental role in positively shaping the lives of young people during their

most formative years of development.

With a low student/teacher ratio, the Singleton Charter School offers youth

experiences, opportunities and support that will help them develop as

individuals and as members of a community.

The school is designed for and its staff committed to fulfilling the purpose of promoting quality and sustainable academic achievement and citizenship for all students.   Through relevant educational practices, students are taught scholarship, social integration, and civic responsibility.

The educational and student engagement methodologies utilized by the dedicated teachers and staff of the Singleton Charter School all revolve around and emanate from the Singleton creed, “Tell me, I’ll forget; Show me, I’ll remember; Involve me, I’ll understand”.

From humble beginnings with a student population of 108 in 1999 the Singleton Charter School continuously evolves to meet the needs of the people we serve.  The Singleton Charter School was the first public school to reopen after Hurricane Katrina.  Our population today is approximately 700 students and this directly reflects the confidence that parents have in us to progress their children academically and socially.

The Singleton Charter School is housed on a recently constructed, technology based campus with over 30 classrooms, three computer labs featuring over 100 state-of-the-art computers loaded with updated software; a gymnasium; meeting rooms and outdoor recreational facilities.

The following link gives a program description of the Special Education Component at James M. Singleton Charter School. There the parents will find the departments philosophy and operations.

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