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Clip art of Music notes on a Bar
Brass section Posing before marching with Krew Femme Fatale. 2016
Band Performing during mardi gras Krewe of Oshun. 2016
The at a Dinner with The American Federation for Teachers. 2015


James M. Singleton Marching Band’s mission is to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all members. We believe that music and arts education is a core to students’ education and must be available to all students. James M. Singleton Charter School is an advocate for music and arts education. Our educational program supports the efforts of our instrumental music teacher as well as provides positively life-changing experiences for students.



James M. Singleton Charter School will be a catalyst to ensure that every student has access and an opportunity to participate in the music program in his or her scholastic environment. We will use our resources to provide programs that recognize and support music students' performance and success, offer music educator training and professional development, and deliver tools and resources to participants and their communities that will assist them in supporting music education by promoting awareness of music’s impact on student growth and achievement.



The James M. Singleton Marching Band was established in the 2010-11 school year. It was founded by four teachers who had spent much of their spare time working with the 55, inexperienced, budding musicians. To help initiate our endeavors we were given $25,000 from BING.com’s “Our School Needs” contest, an instrument drive organized by Atlanta Jewish Academy (formerly Greenfield Hebrew Academy), a geared up band staff and energized students. As the season of merriment began the band was well on its’ way in preparing for its inaugural Mardi Gras season. That year, the Marching Lions participated in five parades: Krewe of Pygmalion, Krewe of Alla, Krewe of NOMTOC, Krewe of Bacchus and the Krewe of Zulu.Since then, the Marching Lions have been very active in the community and throughout the city making its presence known. The band has participated in countless parades, and performed for private events, grand openings, Tipitina’s “Instruments-A-Comin’”, and the American Federation of Teachers. In 2015, with the partnership of Tipitina’s and Thomas Morstead, the Marching Lions were awarded 24 brand new instruments to continuously build the program. In 2016, the Marching Lions were selected as King Zulu’s escorting band. In 2017, the band will participate in 6 Carnival parades: Krewe of Oshun, Krewe of Sparta, Krewe of Femme Fatale,  Krewe of Babylon, Krewe of Okeanos and the Krewe of Zulu.

Picture of The Singleton Lions marching band Banner
Band Performing during mardi gras Krewe of Oshun. 2016
Marching Lions
Doodles of music. Instruments, music notes, CD's and cassette tapes.
Singleton Lions Logo with a Lion in the center