​​​​​Dryades YMCA

Banner- You can Make a Difference. Help us Grow. Your ongoing commitment has a positive impact on New Orleans community by hlping us serve those in need.

$5.00 - A gift of $5.00 will help provide hygiene supplies for a child in our Early Childhood Development Center

$10.00 - A gift of $10.00 will help provide a child swimming lessons

$20.00 - A gift of $20.00 will help provide for a child to participate in youth sports

$50.00 - A gift of $50.00 will help provide teaching to teens to raise academic standards

$100 - Helps 1 child participate in safe after school activities

$180 - Will provide three months of after noon snacks for daycare students

Consider how your gift impacts our community

Annual Campaign

When you think of the YMCA, please know that it’s more than just a gym…it’s a cause. It is a cause that with your generous support, will continue to strengthen this community. 

No amount is too large or too small.  All contributions are greatly needed and appreciated.  Thank you in advance for whatever support you can give and for helping us to help others.

​The Dryades YMCA is actively involved in helping individuals to improve their quality of life and, in turn, benefit our entire community.  Together, we have an extraordinary opportunity to ensure a brighter future for children and families throughout New Orleans. 

 The Y does not discriminate against anyone for any reason, including the inability to pay. The Y is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of donors to provide Financial Assistance to individuals and families who cannot afford to pay. When you give to the Dryades YMCA’s Annual Campaign, your generosity ensures that members of our community, who genuinely can’t afford to, have the opportunity for a Y experience. Your charitable donation helps us to sustain and enhance programming, serve our members, enhance our community and make a meaningful long-lasting impact throughout New Orleans.

$250 - Enables 1 child to attend camp for one week

$500 - Will purchase 2 months of hygiene supplies for 35 daycare students

$1,500 - Will provided a student with six months of after school tutoring

$3,500 - Will provide after school snacks for 200 students for 6 months

$6,000 - Provides quality Child Care for 1 child for a full year

$10,000 - Allows 15 teenage youths the opportunity to attend the Christian Values Conference in  Blue Ridge, NC

$25,000 -  Will allow 100 students to attend the yearly Youth and Government Conference in Baton Rouge.